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Insurance Companies and Intermediaries

Insurance Companies and Intermediaries


Protected Cell Companies











































































































Insurance Managers

  1. International Finance Trust Company Limited
  2. Risk Management International Consulting Limited
  3. Ron Pattenden


Insurance agents

  1. AFA Limited
  2. ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) Limited
  3. John Lum & Associates Limited
  4. Peter Brickland
  5. Sportscover Vanuatu Limited
  6. Surata Tamaso Travel Limited


Insurance Loss Adjusters

  1. Mclarens Young (Vanuatu) Limited


Insurance Brokers

  1. AON (Vanuatu) Limited
  2. OAMPS Gault Armstrong Pty.Limited
  3. Marsh Insurance Brokers Pty Limited
  4. Willis New Zealand Limited
  5. Chartered Pacific Inusurance Brokers Limited


Captive Insurance

  1. Biltmore Life Insurance Company Limited
  2. Boston Marks Insurance Limited
  3. Caledonian Insurance Co., Limited
  4. Crown Insurance Services Limited
  5. Global Insurance and Indemnity Limited
  6. Oceania Insurance Limited
  7. Pacific Casualty & General Insurance Limited
  8. Pinebrook Springs Professional Reinsurance Limited


External Insurance

  1. Dominion Insurance Limited
  2. Society of Llyod's


International Insurance

  1. Global Best Insurance


Local Insurance Companies

  1. Australia Family Assurance
  2. QBE