Vision and Mission Statements


Providing the conditions for Vanuatu to build a strong economy by ensuring confidence and stability in our financial system.



• Establish appropriate monetary conditions for price stability

• Establish financial conditions and adopt policies that will ensure an adequate level of foreign exchange reserves to meet external obligations

• Provide proactive and sound advice to Government

• Develop an internationally reputable financial system

• Inspire public confidence in the Reserve Bank

• Meet the currency needs of the public

• Disseminate timely and quality information

• Recruit, develop and retain a professional team dedicated to the pursuit of quality practices

• Ensure sound banking practices so as to provide the protection of depositors


• Honesty, fairness and integrity

• Dedication – getting the job done on time and to the highest standard

• Respect and loyalty – for our colleagues

• Proactive – in addressing our customer needs

• Excellence – in what we do