Yumi 40 Wetem Vatu
Hapi 40th Anivesari Vanuatu

Welcome to the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu's website. We are pleased to present to you the Bank’s website. With the website, the Bank aims to...

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Coin Collection
Legal tender Vatu coins in circulation
Stone Money
Traditional money used in custom ceremonial occasions
10,000VT Specimen
New Family of Vatu notes
Basket Kumala
A typical local commodity
Conch Shell
Traditional money used in custom ceremonial occasions

Transmission of Monetary Policy to the Economy

The direct transmission of our monetary policy stance to the economy is limited, although an increase or decrease in the RBV’s official interest rate acts as an indicator to commercial banks or the economy that we are either tightening or relaxing monetary policy. The RBV indirectly affects the level of commercial banks liquidity through the open market operations.