Yumi 40 Wetem Vatu
Hapi 40th Anivesari Vanuatu

Welcome to the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu's website. We are pleased to present to you the Bank’s website. With the website, the Bank aims to...

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Coin Collection
Legal tender Vatu coins in circulation
Stone Money
Traditional money used in custom ceremonial occasions
10,000VT Specimen
New Family of Vatu notes
Basket Kumala
A typical local commodity
Conch Shell
Traditional money used in custom ceremonial occasions

Revoked Financial Institutions

Find below List of revoked Financial Institutions.

Name(s)Date of RevocationStatus
Asian Bank Limited 10 April 2003 revoked
Asian Credit International Bank Limited 22 December 2003 revoked
Bank of Central Pacific Limited 25 October 2002 revoked
Bank of Commerce(Micronesia) Limited 17 December 2003 revoked
Bank Fiduciaries 22 December 2003 revoked
Banque Tourelle Limited 22 December 2003 revoked
BEA Pacific (Vanuatu) Limited 11 December 2003 revoked
Equity Investment Bank Limited 31 December 2003 revoked
European Private Bank Limited 25 Febduary 2003 revoked
General Pacific Bank Limited 23 December 2003 revoked
Global trading Bank Limited 21 March 2003 revoked
Metro Bank International Limited 20 December 2003 revoked
Multinational Bank(Vanuatu) Limited 10 June 2003 revoked
Pacific Bank Limited 31 December 2003 revoked
Pan Pacific Development Bank Limited 17 February 2003 revoked
RVC International Bank Limited 20 February 2003 revoked
The Mandarine Banking Corporation Llimited 8 May 2003 revoked
Titan International Bank Limited 26 November 2003 revoked
Venezuela InterBank Llimited 10 June 2003 revoked
Asian and Pacific Commercial Bank 31 December 2003 revoked
BNP Paribas SA 31 December 2003 revoked
Liu Chong Hing Bank(International) Limited 23 December 2003 revoked
Pacific Orient Bank Limited 23 December 2003 revoked
Templar Ethical Bank Limited 23 December 2003 revoked
The Globalgate E-Commerce Bank Llimited 23 December 2003 revoked
GSP International Bank Limited 6 October 2004 revoked
Abbey Mercy Bank Limited 6 December 2004 revoked
National Bank Limited 16 March 2005 revoked
Bekoz Bank Limited 17 May 2006 revoked
LMM & CIE,Banquiers Prive's Llimited 27 October 2008 revoked
Fubon Bank 17 March 2010 revoked
Pinebrook Springs Professional Reinsurance Ltd 24 March 2011 revoked
Peter Brickland 4 may 2011 revoked
Global Insurance & Indemnity Ltd 4 May 2011 revoked
Financial Partners Bank Limited 2 November 2010 revoked
Nautilus International Bank Limited 24 January 2012 revoked
Insurance Companies   revoked
Other Financial Institutions   revoked
Banks   revoked
Domestic Banks   revoked
Westpac Banking Corporation (Vanuatu) Limited branch    1st July 2016 revoked
United Development Bank of Pacific Limited 9 March 2016 revoked
Global Best Insurance Ltd 13th December 2013    revoked
AFA Ltd 10th June 2015 revoked
Sportscover Vanuatu Ltd 24th March 2016 revoked
Arthur J Gallagher & Co. (Aust.) Ltd 13 October 2017 revoked
Chartered Pacific Insurance Brokers Ltd 4th July 2018 revoked
John Lum & Associates 13th August 2018 revoked
Poe-Ma Insurance (Vanuatu) Ltd 6th December 2018 revoked
Lorma Liliu Iati   revoked
Centron Insurance Ltd 12th November 2020 revoked