Welcome to the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu's website. We are pleased to present to you the Bank’s website. With the website, the Bank aims to...

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Coin Collection
Legal tender Vatu coins in circulation
Stone Money
Traditional money used in custom ceremonial occasions
10,000VT Specimen
New Family of Vatu notes
Basket Kumala
A typical local commodity
Conch Shell
Traditional money used in custom ceremonial occasions

2019 RBV Market Operations

Below, you can download latest tenders for RBV open market operations.

FileFile size
 Tender Form 042-2019.pdf  91kb
Tender Notice 042-2019.pdf 117kb
 Tender Form 041-2019.pdf  91kb
Tender Notice 041-2019.pdf 117kb
 Tender Form 040-2019.pdf  91kb
Tender Notice 040-2019.pdf 118kb
Tender Form 039-2019.pdf 91kb
Tender Notice 039-2019.pdf 117kb
Tender Form 038-2019.pdf 91kb
Tender Notice 038-2019.pdf 118kb
 Tender Form 037-2019.pdf  91kb
Tender Notice 037-2019.pdf 118kb
Tender Notice 036-2019.pdf 118kb
Tender Form 036-2019.pdf 91kb
Tender Form 035-2019.pdf 92kb
Tender Notice 035-2019.pdf 119kb
Tender Form 034-2019.pdf 91kb
Tender Notice 034-2019.pdf 118kb
Tender Form 033-2019.pdf 92kb
Tender Notice 033-2019.pdf 118kb
Tender Form 032-2019.pdf 91kb
Tender Notice 032-2019.pdf 118kb
Tender Notice 031-2019.pdf  119kb
 Tender Form 031-2019.pdf  92kb
 Tender Notice 030-2019.pdf  118kb
Tender Form 030-2019.pdf 91kb
Tender Form 029-2019.pdf 29kb
Tender Notice 029-2019.pdf 82kb
Tender Form 028-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Notice 028-2019.pdf 158 kb
Tender Form 025-2019.pdf 90 kb
Tender Notice 025-2019.pdf 117 kb
Tender Form 024-2019.pdf 90 kb
Tender Notice 024-2019.pdf 117 kb
Tender Form 023-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 023-2019.pdf 113 Kb
Tender Form 022-2019.pdf 89 Kb
Tender Notice 022-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 019-2019.pdf 89 Kb
Tender Notice 019-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 018-2019.pdf 40 Kb
Tender Notice 018-2019.pdf 68 Kb
Tender Form 017-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 017-2019.pdf 117 Kb
Tender Form 016-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 016-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 015-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 015-2019.pdf 117 Kb
Tender Form 014-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 014-2019.pdf 117 Kb
Tender Form 013-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 013-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 012-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 012-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 011-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 011-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 010-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 010-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 009-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 009-2019.pdf              116 Kb
Tender Form 008-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 008-2019.pdf 117 Kb
Tender Form 007-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 007-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 006-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 006-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 005-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 005-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 004-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 004-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 003-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 003-2019.pdf 117 Kb
Tender Form 002-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 002-2019.pdf 116 Kb
Tender Form 001-2019.pdf 90 Kb
Tender Notice 001-2019.pdf 116 Kb